Habitat Conservation Plans 202 Training [OD]

Suppose you want to build a new hotel on the perfect plot of land on the outskirts of town. After investigation of the site you learn to your dismay that there are several federally listed species that would be negatively affected by your development.  You find out that if you were hurt or harass any animal, it would count as a take, which is illegal.  In order to proceed with your project, you will need to acquire an incidental take permit, which requires the preparation of a habitat conservation plan.

Teacher: Lori Reese

Ecological Risk Assessment 201 Training [OD]

An Ecological Risk Assessment is the practice of determining the effects of human caused changes on animals, plants, and the environment. A properly conducted assessment will allow you to prioritize the actions that you will take to mitigate risk.

This course, which is based on the guidelines provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, features the following topics.

  • Understanding of risk analysis concepts
  • Overview of the EPAs Risk Assessment Guidelines
  • Importance of ecological risk assessments
  • Formulating a problem statement
  • How to conduct a risk assessment
  • Prioritizing the potential risks
  • Developing action plans for mitigating the risks

Teacher: Lori Reese